Here's the Liberty Walk Maserati GranTurismo

Tuned Maserati is a thing of... well, it's a thing. What do you make of it?

‘Liberty’ and ‘Walk’ put together are two words that can send Car People of the Internet into a chaotic frenzy. Expect the Japanese tuner’s latest project - a previously beautiful Maserati GranTurismo - to do similar things.

Liberty Walk itself says this car will be able to stop traffic, slacken jaws and “make even the loudest and most in-your-face of supercars cower.” It’s outlandish and eye-catching, and looks like it belongs in the Need for Speed world rather the real streets.

The broken, chaotic roads that are commonplace in Britain aren’t really a place for cars so slammed to the ground. The GranTurismo in these pictures is presumably fitted with the optional air suspension, allowing you to get over a sleeping policeman without scraping the living heck out of your £2,545 front bumper.

You want the whole kit? You’ll need to shell out over one million yen, though fear not, as that equates to a more palatable £12,650. Or an extra two grand if your GranTurismo isn’t an MC Stradale version. That’s for the carbonfibre kit, but Liberty Walk also offers a reinforced plastic version for a few grand less.

So, Car People of the Internet, what do you reckon?

Words: Ben Custard