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Bless those wacky Germans and their floppy
mullets. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have cars like this Audi Q5 ‘custom concept’.

Every year, VW Audi Group builds a one-off
special for Austria’s ‘Worthersee Tour’ - an event where diehard GTI fans congregate
to compare hairdos, and where they traditionally receive a ‘present’ from the
company. The Q5 is this year’s gift.
Mmm. Lucky fans. It has a beefed-up version of Audi’s 3.0-litre V6, which is now
supercharged to give 402bhp and launch it to 62mph in 4.4 seconds. And, of
course, it has that wonderfully subtle bodykit, featuring a massive wing and
contrasting red paraphernalia. See that colourful grille? Kind of reminds us of
the Rover 25 BRM. Remember that? With a grille that bright, you couldn’t really
miss it.
In previous years, the Worthersee concepts have been pretty cool, and
borderline extreme. There was the Golf GTI W12 (the one Jeremy drove), which had a
massive Bentley Continental engine shoved where the rear seats usually live.
Naturally, it overheated. A lot.

Then there was the Speedster, a
stripped-out, pared-down TT with no windscreen and 300bhp. Yet despite excited yodellings
and much fanfare from the mullet brigade, neither of those cars has gone into
production. Yet.
Some say this Q5 concept is the basis for a Q5 RS. But for the sake of good
taste, we really hope it isn’t.

Now watch Clarkson drive that mental Golf W12: 

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