Where should Honda set a Civic Type R record next?

Another week, another Type R front-drive lap record. When will it end?

Anyone familiar with Record Breakers will know that some people just love setting a record, no matter what it is. There is a world record for most baked beans eaten using a cocktail stick. Seriously.

We’re beginning to suspect Honda has the same mindset. Not to topple David Houchin’s 166 beans in three minutes, but to set as many records as it can. Not content with the Civic Type R being the quickest front-wheel-drive car around the Nürburgring, it’s now nabbing equivalent records left, right and centre.

So, following the ‘Ring, Silverstone and Spa, Honda’s 316bhp hatch just nabbed FWD honours at Estoril with a 2m01.84s lap. It would appear Hungaroring is next, to mirror the five lap records claimed by the previous generation of Type R.

But where will it end? Will the Civic Type R end up with a record-breaking amount of records? And if so, where should the world’s most boisterously competitive hot hatch go next?

Famous circuits, dusty old proving grounds, your favourite local B-roads… answers below, please. Keep them sensible. Or don’t…