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TG’s celebrity driving tests: Amy Macdonald

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AGE: 25 OCCUPATION: Singer-songwriter NATIONALITY: Scottish

What was your first car?

A Mini Cooper. It was red with a white roof and two stripes down the front. I didn’t go mad and put a Saltire on the roof or anything like that. I was never particularly interested in cars when I was younger, but when I passed my test I just fell in love with the whole idea of driving. I had my sights set on an Audi R8, but I got a TT first. Then I did graduate to an R8, which is when I really became aware of what else was out there.

And your best car?

Oh, the Ferrari 458 Italia. I didn’t plan it - I’m an accidental Ferrari owner. But when the possibility came up, I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it. Ferrari was the pinnacle for me. My mum’s an accountant, so I’ve always asked for her advice. I decided I needed the Ferrari; I couldn’t bear for it to go to anyone else. I said to my mum, “If I buy this, will I be poor?” She replied, “Not poor, just stupid.”

So I said, “I’m fine with that.” I drive it as often as I can. I don’t see the point in owning a car like that if you don’t enjoy it.

What about your worst car?

The Nissan GT-R. It didn’t feel refined to me; it felt like a big plastic box. It obviously has monster power, and it’s an amazing bit of engineering. But I didn’t feel any connection with it whatsoever.

What’s the fastest you’ve driven?

Fast enough! I’ll tell you off the record.

How clean is your licence?

It’s clean. I did have three points, which I got not long after I passed my test, so the points have now lapsed. Thankfully.

Ever had a crash?

No. [pause] Actually, I did have a crash, before I passed my test…

You crashed before passing your test?

Umm, yes. It was in a clapped-out Golf my mum used to own. I came round a corner and there was a police car, and I drove into the back of it. [slightly indignant] It was their fault - they’d gone through a red light with no blues and twos going, no siren, nothing. The driver was daydreaming, apparently. They breathalysed me and everything.

Which country makes the best cars?

Well, Ferrari is obviously Italian, but I’d say the Germans have got it sussed overall.

Have you ever owned an Alfa Romeo?


First car: Mini Cooper
Worst car: Nissan GT-R
Current car: Audi R8
Best car: Ferrari 458 Italia

This article was originally published in Top Gear magazine

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