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TG’s celebrity driving tests: Amy Williams

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What was your first car?

I bought a BMW 1-Series a few months ago. Before then I’d always stolen my parents car. I learned to drive in a Golf, an old banger. I think it was the third generation.

And your best car?

I borrowed a 1-Series M for the Olympics. It was the most beautiful car I’ve ever driven and I’d do anything to get another one. You could go around corners pretty quickly in that thing…

What about your worst car?

After the Golf, I drove around in my granddad’s automatic Renault Clio. It had little teddy bears in the window, but it got me from A to B… 

What’s the fastest you’ve driven?

In a car? I shouldn’t say. On the skeleton, I’ve gone 92mph - that was during my Olympic run, on a track with 16 corners.

How clean is your licence?

I did have to do a speed awareness course. I was going up a hill in Bath on a Sunday morning - I was doing about 36mph…

Ever had a crash?

I’ve never ever crashed in a car. I’ve only almost crashed, at the Top Gear Live show actually - I kind of screeched and skidded and avoided the barrier. I’ve crashed a skeleton, though. Your head’s pinned on the ice, under 4 or 5g of pressure, so it’s hard to see where you are.

Can you drift?

Is that when you go sideways around a corner, then come out facing the right way? Hmm. I’ve never tried. I need a lesson…

What’s understeer?

Is it when you turn and the wheels aren’t turning enough to get around the corner? The other is when the back wheels skid.

Ever changed an oil filter?

No. However, I once helped an ex-boyfriend change his exhaust.

Which country makes the best cars?

Ohh. I should stick with Germany - my heart’s still with my BMW.

Have you ever owned an Alfa Romeo?

No, and I don’t really intend to.

First car: VW Golf MkIII
Best car: BMW 1-Series M Coupe
Worst car: Renault Clio
Other car: A skeleton bob

This article was originally published in Top Gear magazine

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