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Introducing the exquisite watch collection crafted from Land Rover parts

Danish watch brand REC Watches presents the RNR collection

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REC Watches co-founders Jonathan Jamstrup and Christian Mygh operate by a concept truly apt for the times we live in: RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM. They identify and recover salvaged icons from all over the world, before recycling as much of the components and preserving as much of the patina as possible. These components are then repurposed as parts of a brand new and utterly unique timepiece honouring the original design. This process ensures that each watch is visibly unique, but of metronomically high quality.

And after stunning collections featuring the likes of Porsche 911s and even the sainted Spitfire, REC has turned its attention to the limited edition RNR Collection – its first from-the-ground-up new collection in two years. The two pristine watches to spring from it are the RNR-Beachrunner from parts of a 1981 Land Rover Series III, limited to 552 pieces, and the RNR-Rockfighter from a 2003 Land Rover Defender, limited to 463 pieces.

Going off-road

Translating the design DNA of the Land Rover into a watch face has been under development for many years, and the first, early design sketch of what would later become the RNR Collection first saw the light of day in the autumn of 2018. Now, the imposing and majestic form factor of the Land Rover has been boiled down to a 40mm timepiece that pays homage to the British icon.

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The RNR Collection embodies that same spirit of adventure as its automotive muse. The Land Rover experience is to feel everything. Every pothole, every rock crushed under its solid weight, every roar of the engine as you take on another seemingly impossible, yet eminently possible gradient. You’re now in a world of ‘roads not required’, a mantra that gives the collection its name. And that endless possibility is built into every single piece. 

With the RNR collection it was all about straight, square lines softened by the round elements found on the Land Rover - the shape of the wheel being one. We wanted to create a timepiece that could stand on its own - as well as designing a timepiece that spoke directly to the hearts of Land Rover fans all over the world.
Thomas Funder – REC Watches designer

Both watches in the RNR Collection come with free delivery, a two-year warranty and 30 days return, not that you’ll be wanting to give it back once it’s graced your wrist for the first time. They’re classy, inspired by a British auto icon, and they’re limited edition, so it’s probably best not to hang around…

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