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Late last year, Top Gear evaded some rocks, altitude sickness and a deadly trio of vultures in an effort to discover whether a budget Romanian SUV could traverse one of the world’s wildest roads.

It could - and we loved its budget charm. Except now, an Indian tuner has decided to turn TG Mag’s Bargain of the Year 2013, the Dacia Duster, into a luxury off road concept. On a budget. Behold, Internet, the DC Duster.

TG drives the Dacia Duster in Peru

The DC Duster has been built by the same chap who created that scissor-doored black Rolls-Royce - yes, that one - a few years back, rumoured to be owned by the Sultan of Brunei. For his new creation, he’s not so much ignored the Duster’s premise of simple, utilitarian functionality… as kicked it in the plums and watched it cry.

Inside the DC Duster you will find lots of leather, wood and luxury. There is a television screen attached on the rear of the driver’s headrest, electrically adjustable seats - foldable to create a bed area (and what could be more romantic?) - and some subtle exterior mods with more than a hint of Knight Rider about the front.

And how much would you expect to pay for such unbridled luxury goodness? Why, DC is charging just 3.49 lakh rupees - on top of the price of a base Duster - which equates to just over £4,200. What’s your take - does this ruin the Duster’s wipe-down, Poundland appeal, or are you loving the low-cost leather and Romanian romance?

Vijay Pattni

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