This 1966 ‘Derelict’ is Icon’s latest restomod Bronco

Rare ‘Roadster’ model Bronco forms the basis for 426bhp special

We’re big fans of Icon’s resto-mod Ford Broncos at Top Gear, and today we bring you news of a new variation on the theme.

This is the ‘Derelict’ Icon Bronco, based on a Roadster model, which was only produced in 1966. Pretty much the beach buggy of Broncos, it featured no heater, no radio, no doors, no top, and fibreglass door inserts. A Bronco Superleggera, if you like.

While the exterior has been kept what the Americans like to call ‘bone stock’ (mmm, stew, anyone?), under the skin the Derelict is thoroughly modern. Well, as modern as V8 Yank tanks get.

Ford’s 5.0-litre ‘Coyote’ Mustang V8 crate engine is plumbed in, driving all four custom wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. Fox shocks are joined by Eibach springs. To reign the 426bhp power output back in, you’ll find Brembo brakes under the 18-inch wheel rims, which are a modern, bespoke item designed to look thoroughly Sixties to the casual onlooker. Most tasteful.

What’s more controversial is the finish. To match the exterior’s well-worn look, the new components have been treated to a ‘faux-patina’, much the same way as most jeans you buy come pre-ripped and daubed in paint. Authentic, or naff? You be the judge.

Unlike the original Roadster, Icon’s reimagining includes a rear seat, because the buyer wanted to ‘share the fun’, according to the company.

Incidentally, the buyer was sourced within twenty minutes of posting a shot of the car on Instagram. Crazy how expensive having a free app can get, eh?