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2011’s more dubious tuning efforts

  1. There is a dictionary definition of ‘modifying’ that, should you be unaware of the practice, alludes to some discreet and noteworthy method of making something less extreme. This gallery contains no such example of the form.

    No, what we have here is a salacious and occasionally upsetting gallery of cars modified to the point where automotive oblivion meets the tip of your digestive tract. Where a tuner’s flight of fancy goes rather too far. You have been warned…

  2. Invader L60

    Revealed at this year’s Geneva motor show, its actually based on a Lexus 570 - itself based on a Toyota Amazon - with a bigger supercharger glued onto the 5.7-litre V8 developing 600bhp. Your eyes can guide you around the ‘other’ modifications.

  3. Mansory Cormeum

    As we discovered, Mercedes designer Mark Fetherston went to great lengths and realised a childhood ambition when he penned the new SLS; a concept that stayed true to his original sketch. Mansory unfortunately decided Mark’s design needed carbon-fibre based amendments. This is what they came up with. Excuse us for a moment…

  4. FAB Design Mercedes SLS AMG

    Another SLS gets tunerated. Judging by its colour, it requires treatment and heavy sedation.

  5. Mansory Cayenne

    This has 690bhp and does 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds thanks to some internal modifications. There are ‘other’ modifications too.

  6. Hamann X6

    This is called the ‘Tycoon’. Read into that what you will. Then run and hide behind the sofa.

  7. Carlsson GL

    A rather less successful attempt at improving the big Benz. Handy for ploughing snow in winter, mind.

  8. Chromed R8 by Audi

    It’s for charity. That should ease the pain of this one-off created by Audi, sold at auction to raise money for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. Like we said, it’s for charity.

  9. ASMA G Wagen

    Tuning firm ASMA decided the coolest SUV on earth - that’s Merc’s G-Wagen - needed a bodykit and respray in pink. We’re getting ‘ASMA’ just looking at it.

  10. Gemballa Tornado

    Imagine the praise! “People will love me!”, you will cry, as you make your triumphant and celebratory journey to Asda to pick up some cheese. Just think of the fanfare!

  11. Mercedes SLR Gold

    Yes, it’s that car again. It’s an oldie, but has resurfaced on the Interweb recently after news that its creator, Ueli Anliker, is thinking of selling it for a reported £7m. That’s right, seven million for a SLR decked in gold and red and diamonds and rubies and, err, no, actually. Just stop. Stop now. Please.

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