This is (another) convertible Nissan GT-R

Hungarian photoshop wizards digitally chop 2017 GT-R. You like?

This is not the first time we’ve seen a convertible Nissan GT-R. A US-based company called Newport Convertible Engineering released a few renders back in 2014, ahead of a planned limited-production run that may not have actually happened.

This render is the work of Hungarian master of Photoshoppery X-Tomi Design. It’s based on the 2017 GT-R, which Nissan unveiled at the New York motor show last month, complete with new interior, 20 more bhp and a new, sharp-edged face.

And impressive though the render is (looks good, no?), it’s the concept of a GT-R drop-top that bothers us. Why go to such lengths to engineer something as focused and highly-strung as the GT-R, only to lop the roof off and compromise all that hard work?

Beats us. If you think differently, do comment vociferously below.