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Brabus builds world’s fastest mobile office

Brabus has pushed the envelope with its newest creation, the iBusiness 2.0. Essentially, a hugely modified Merc S-Class with an iPad2 stuffed in.

But this value-added Merc looks at the big picture and Brabus enjoys nothing more than a spot of back-end integration. The iPad2 controls the entire multimedia system via a small computer housed in the boot, and includes control of Merc’s COMAND system.

See more pics of the Brabus iBusiness 2.0

It comes with a 15.2in TFT display and high-speed USB ports, while music is sourced via a 64gb iPod touch. As you would expect, the interior is a bovine cemetery (two-tone, and breathable), while wood-trim extends a ‘maritime’ feel.

The mighty Merc’s core competencies extend beyond outsourcing interior functions to the iPad2; peel back another layer, and you find the 6.0-litre V12 has been tweaked to produce 788bhp and 847lb ft of torque.

Throw the iBusiness 2.0 up a wall and it will stick like something very sticky: 0-62mph takes just 3.9 seconds (bye bye, Aston DBS), 0-124mph takes 10.3 seconds and top speed is limited to 219mph. Limited.

But, and here’s the big question: would you prefer to have a brain dump in the Brabus, or in this rather expensive Range Rover?

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