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Mercedes GLK news - Black Death: meet the world’s fastest SUV - 2009

You are looking at the fastest SUV in the world. Your eyes may hurt.
This is the Brabus Bi-Turbo V12 GLK, a massively tuned version of Merc’s sort-of-off-roader that’s capable of - ready? Sure? OK then - 211mph.
211mph. In an SUV. Whichever way you look at that number, it’s just… wrong, isn’t it?
That frankly disturbing pace comes courtesy of Merc’s V12, stroked from 5.5 to 6.3 litres and - thanks to the addition of a couple of turbos and plenty of other shiny stuff - putting out 740bhp and 995lb ft of torque. Those are dangerous numbers.
The Bi-Turbo GLK will nail the 0-62mph sprint in 4.2 seconds, which might sound (relatively) modest until you consider the sort of gearing required to get an SUV to 211mph. A better indicator of the sheer oomph on tap is that it’ll accelerate from standstill to 124mph in just over 12 seconds. Again, those are dangerous numbers.
As is this one: 397,000. That’s the cost, in Euros, of the Brabus GLK. That’s about £360,000 - or around five times the cost of the BMW X5M.
Insane? Or genius? Or both? You decide…

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