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It’s a Lamborghini Transformer!

An American film director named Michael Bay is getting ready to spend lots of money artfully Blowing Things Up In Slow Motion While Actors Look On In Horror, and in it, there is a Lamborghini Aventador.

Yes folks, it’s the latest trailer for Transformers 4 - titled Transformers: Age of Extinction - and it features all the hallmarks this American film director named Michael Bay has become famous for.

Gratuitous destruction of anything that will ignite? Check. Slow-mo explosions of really bloody big things in the distance while actors run from the terror? Check. Important Expository Dialogue? Check, check and check.

We have no idea what the premise for Transformers 4 holds, though there is much artistic license when you have an advanced alien robot who uses a sword. Why would an advanced robot need a sword?

In all honesty though, Transformers 4 looks like a lot of fun. And with friend of TG Mark Wahlberg on-board as the lead - and, at 15 seconds in, a proper transforming Lamborghini Aventador! - looks like a fun way to waste a few hours. It opens in cinemas on July 10 - check out the trailer above and let us know what you think.

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