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The new Ford Edge: a life of luxury

Part 5: everything you need to know about the upmarket new Ford SUV

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With its American looks and mile-long list of life-improving features, the new Ford Edge is different to other SUVs – from the way it’s designed to the way it drives, and how it looks after you on the road.

Whether it’s busy calculating seamless gearshifts, crafting soothing cabin acoustics or taking the strain in heavy, stop-start traffic, the Edge works tirelessly so that you don’t have to.

The new Edge line-up consists of three familiar models: Titanium, Vignale and the ST-Line, which takes the styling and performance up a notch.

For starters it can be had with two-tone 20-inch alloys, a look echoed in the darkened grille, while at the rear there are dual-exit exhausts with chrome surrounds.

Inside, the mixed-material front seats – upholstered with both leather and Miko®-Dinamica microfibre – have 10-way power adjustment. There’s a perforated leather steering wheel, plus aluminium pedals, a black headliner and premium velour floor mats.

But it’s not just the styling. The ST-Line also has lower suspension, complimented by Adaptive Steering Technology, which constantly varies the steering response according to how fast – or indeed, slowly – you’re going. In other words, nice and light for when you’re parking; a little firmer for quick corners.

And while there’s plenty of high-tech lux on show, there are some pleasingly practical touches too: adjustable cup holders (beakers, bottles, coffee flasks… you name it, they’ll fit), a deep storage box with space for books, toys, tablets and other everyday gubbins, a spacious swing-bin glovebox plus even more stowage in the instrument panel top.

Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the headlights that help you see around bends. Really – a forward-facing camera reads the road for upcoming corners and swivels the Dynamic LED headlights accordingly, brightly illuminating the way and picking out hazards. On top of that, the glare-free high beam adjusts itself automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers.

So there you have it. From bumper to bumper, from roof to road, the new Ford Edge is jam-packed with choice, comfort, convenience and craftsmanship. Because that, after all, is what luxury is all about.

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