This is what a GT86 convertible could (and should) look like

Render-meister X-Tomi Design shows us the new Toyota GT86 without a roof. It's good

It’s been three years since we saw Toyota’s concept of a GT86 convertible. And the attentive among you will note that no such car has since appeared in actual Toyota dealers.

Perhaps not-excessively-rapid GT86 sales are at fault, and perhaps it’s an understandable decision. But isn’t it about time the Mazda MX-5 had an actual rival? One with a genuine chance of dethroning it as the fun, cheap roadster of choice?

We think so. And so, it appears, does X-Tomi Design. He is the man behind this rendering, which melds the styling of the freshly facelifted Toyota GT86 with the dropped-top of that cabrio concept of 2013.

So it’s not real, then, but the excellent electronic penmanship of X-Tomi means it looks damn close to being an actual thing. So the question is simple: should Toyota’s junior drift car come with an open-top option?

Thoughts in the comments box below, please…

Picture credit: X-Tomi Design