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Lamborghini is planning on revealing a new car at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. At least we think it’s a new car. In fact, we’re not even sure it’s a car.

The Italian company with a superlative track record for pulling the biggest surprises at motor shows has released a simple outline sketch of a car it plans on showing to the baying masses at Paris next month.

No information, other than the cryptic line “once perfection is achieved, you can just double it” has been released.

Read into that what you will. Whether that means the Italians are planning another four-door supercar (that’ll be the ‘double’ bit) in the vein of the gorgeous Estoque could be a possibility.

Look closely at the lines however, and it could also be a new Espada. Could. Before you shoot us down in flames, former Lamborghini design boss Luc Donckerwolke told us earlier this year that he reckons Lamborghini should resurrect the classic model.

“The old one was like an Italian Rolls-Royce,” he told at the Seat Ibiza’s 30th anniversary party. “I think there’s space for it today.”

It certainly fits the mould of a modern-day Espada. But then this is Lamborghini. It also fits the mould of a bloody intergalactic space cruiser. Or a battleship. Or a transforming death robot equipped with frickin’ LAZERS.

We’ll find out next month. For now, let your imagination run its course, and tell us what you think this new Lambo is all about.

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