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Porsche 911 news - A winning formula – 2008

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Porsche has just unveiled its new 911, and
the big news is that it’s got front-wheel drive and a four-cylinder turbo

Oh, no, it hasn’t.

You didn’t honestly think Porsche would mess with its
rear-engined, flat-six formula, did you? The new 911 is, unsurprisingly, a
gentle evolution of Porsche’s 45-year-old icon, but it does get a couple of New
and Exciting technologies.

Direct injection, first up. Porsche introduced direct
fuel injection (DFI) in the Cayenne last year, and now the 3.6- and 3.8-litre
flat-sixes get it too. That means improved economy and emissions - 29.4mpg and
225g/km of CO2 on the 3.6-litre unit - and comes with an increase in

The smaller six now puts out 345bhp - up 20bhp on the
previous-gen - while the bigger ‘S’ engine is up 30bhp to 385bhp. That means
the Carrera S Coupe will now hit an impressive 188mph and, when linked to the
double-clutch gearbox, hit 62mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Ah yes, the double-clutch gearbox. Did we not mention
that? The 911 is the first car to the the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (or
PDK, if you prefer. Which you do) - a seven-speed flappy-paddle gearbox in
similar vein to Volkswagen’s DSG.

Lighter than Porsche’s old ‘Tiptronic S’ transmission,
it shifts up to 60 per cent quicker than a standard auto ‘box… but it’ll set
you back a not-inconsequential £2,338. Oh, and another £729
on top of that if you want Launch Control. Which, once again, you

In terms of visual enhancements, it’s one for the
Porsche-geeks only: new LED running lights front and rear, larger rear view
mirrors and some fresh alloys. 

The new 911 goes
on sale next month, with prices slightly more expensive than the equivalent
current model. We’ll tell you how it drives very very soon. We expect big

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