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Porsche Panamera news - Pan’ and the family - 2009

A philosophical teaser to kick off your Monday: is the Panamera a real Porsche?

Well, it’s a bit awkward-looking and goes like stink, so we’d say… yeah, that’ll be a Porsche alright. A big-arsed Porsche, no question, but certainly more in keeping with the family DNA than the Cayenne.

But the guys at Zuffenhausen, it would seem, are a bit touchy about the is-the-Panamera-a-real-Porsche question. So they’ve gathered together 50 of their finest cars in history - and it is a fine history indeed - in a glamorous-yet-ever-so-slightly-desperate attempt to prove that the Panamera is, indeed, one of the family.

And here’s what happened.

Impressive stuff, but didn’t you think it looked just a tiny bit… computer generated?

Us too. So Porsche has also released a quick video showing the ‘making of’ its family tree ad. Which, if we’re being honest, we like even more than the advert itself.

Look! Lovely old Le Mans racers inching off the back of trucks! Spluttering flat-sixes! Lots of delivery men! What more could you want?

Watch the video

Which prompts a far more interesting question: which one of those 50 (OK, 47 or thereabouts) lovelies would you take home?

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