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Ten TG out-takes you may not have seen…

  1. Hard to believe, but there’s actually been far more cocking about from Jeremy, James and Richard than you have witnessed in the 147 60-minute episodes aired on BBC Two in the last ten years. 

    And here at, we’ve dutifully been delving behind the scenes with our cameras and scooping up the best bits from the cutting room since Top Gear first aired in 2002.

    So have a click through to see what the presenters keep in their car boots, watch a Nissan make Captain Slow unfeasibly happy, and witness our Big Boss Andy staple his pants back together….

  2. out-take: Andy's lucky pants

    After 15 years of wear and tear, Top Gear boss Andy Wilman needed to make some urgent repairs to his lucky pants. With the help of staff at the Top Gear production office and some staples, they’re ready for another series. 

    We do recommend that you finish your dinner before watching…

    Click here to watch

  3. out-take: James May tests the GT-R launch control

    James heads out onto the test track see if the launch control in a GT-R is as dramatic and remarkable as Jeremy thinks it is. Answer: it is. 

    Click here to watch

  4. out-take: Jeremy parks the director's Bentley

    As a service to the public, Clarkson and May move the studio director’s new but well-worn Bentley out of harm’s way. Then ensure no further harm will come to innocent road-users in its path… 

    Click here to watch

  5. out-take: James gets teased about girls

    During the Classic Car Rally, James attracted some stick from Jezza and Richard about his very attractive co-driver Maddie… 

    Click here to watch

  6. out-take: Hammond and May drive a Blower Bentley

    We’ve rarely seen James happier as he showed you all around a tribute to his old-school hero: a hand-built 4.5 litre Blower Bentley tribute made by men in sheds. 

    Click here to watch

  7. out-take: behind-the-scenes with Sebastian Vettel  

    We get BBC F1’s tall presenter, Jake Humphrey to welcome Sebastian Vettel to the track ahead of his world-beating lap. He also quizzes the Stig…

    Click here to watch

  8. out-take: what do the presenters keep in their car boots?

    Clarkson and James May compare the contents of their boots. And though Clarkson’s Range Rover and James’ Fiat Panda are very different, the contents are rather similar… 

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  9. out-take: James makes some lunch

    Slightly more thrilling than it sounds. With the help of hot volcanic rocks, James very kindly decides to cook lunch during a shoot at the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland.

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  10. out-take: who's got the better 911? James or Richard?

    James and Richard both turned up at Dunsfold in their respective 911s, which made James very keen to tell us why his one is, in all respects, better. The badge, gearbox, satnav, colour scheme, rear lights - the lot. According to James, at least…

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  11. out-take: James drives to work

    James May invites you along for a journey that’s even more epic than that little, hairy man taking a ring to Mount Doom. Join May from his house to the Top Gear studios in his Porsche: all 58 minutes of it. Better go and make a cup of tea… 

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