Secondhand superheroes: new Top Gear mag out now!

Used bargains from £1k to £600k, TG TV preview, McRae's Impreza and much more

“There is nothing I would rather do than make a decent cup of builders’ tea and settle down to a good long session of internet dreaming.” So explains our very own Chris ‘Honest’ Harris, in this month’s brand new Top Gear magazine.

He’s talking about the wonderful world of fantasy used car shopping. “It’s a place to hide away from life,” he muses, “a place where you can have, if you so wish, limitless funds and all the time remind yourself that you possess an unhealthy level of E30 BMW 3 Series knowledge.”

And with that, Top Gear mag is proud to present its Secondhand Superheroes: TG’s guide to used cars that get the pulse racing. From sports cars to fast executives, hot hatches to Japanese heroes and much more, we bring you the definitive guide to buying an old minter. You’re welcome.

Elsewhere in the new issue, we bring you a giant, exclusive preview of the brand new series of Top Gear TV – series 25 – heading your way soon. Pick up a copy for the full debrief.

We’ve also driven an ex-rally Subaru Impreza - formerly used by a man called Colin - in the bright lights of Tokyo, winter tested an Ariel Nomad, ordered Rory Reid an electric taxi, and challenged Merc’s X-Class pick-up in Chile.

There are plenty of car reviews, too. We pit the fast Hyundai i30 N against the also fast Civic Type R, and try the new VW Polo GTI, Audi RS4, Renault Symbioz, Porsche 911 GT3 Touring and Liberty Walk’s mad Mustang.

Hit the links below to order your copy right this very minute. Or, y’know, take a walk down to your local newsagents. They sell chocolates there too, apparently.

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