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BMW quad bike news - Stig’s perfect quad? - 2009

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Four words. BMW V12 quad bike.

OK, ‘BMW’ may, technically, either be more than one word or not a real word at all. As, indeed, may ‘V12’. But the point still stands. This is a quad bike packing a supercharged six-litre BMW V12 engine. And we want one.

It’s built by the French mentalists at Lazareth, and it’s called the Wazuma Bio V12.

Why ‘bio’? Because the V12 runs on E85 bioethanol. Which means, technically, it’s slightly greener than, say, a Rolls-Royce Phantom. We’re guessing that isn’t the main reason that Lazareth has embraced bioeth, though - the eco-fuel has a higher octane rating than petrol, meaning the flyweight Wazuma puts out a stupid, stupid 500bhp.

Yes, it’s a ridiculous thing. And, we’d imagine, quite possibly the scariest commuter vehicle ever designed. But we have to applaud the intention - and engineering - of wedging a giant V12 into something as small as the Wazuma.

And at least we now know what Stig would use to blast around his expansive arable landholdings.

Take a look at this slightly shonky video of the Wazuma V12 in action. Who fancies a go? 

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