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Some snaps from this week’s filming

  1. It was a busy day down at the Top Gear track this week. We bid welcome to another
    Hollywood star in the charming Michael Fassbender, and there were three new films to squeeze into our
    allotted slot.

    We won’t give away too much about Sunday for now, but have a
    look through at some of the action from our rehearsals and see what you can

    We’ll see you at the usual time: Sunday, 8pm, BBC Two
    and BBC HD, and look out for a short film from Jeremy and boss Andy Wilman for you all before the weekend…

    Pictures: Mark Yeoman

  2. A family estate makes a rare appearance in the Top Gear studio

  3. Oh. It’s the FF, Ferrari’s rather good 661bhp, four-wheel drive
    shooting brake super-GT. Sorry about that.

  4. Jeremy models the All-Terrain Mobility Scooter: for the outdoors-loving
    octogenarian in your life.

  5. The cover shoot for March’s Cringeworthy Jumpers Monthly was a
    surprisingly cheery affair

  6. What the hell is that? Boss Andy Wilman and the Top Gear crew stand in
    awe as a bolt piercing light descends through the studio. An alien being, or…

  7. …simply James May in a white sweater?

  8. Talking of other-worldly presence, it’s the Fisker Karma: California’s
    all-electric luxury GT and Top Gear’s Green Car of the Year! Put your ear to
    the screen and you can hear its futuristic hum. Not really.

  9. Cringeworthy Jumpers Monthly cover shoot takes a turn for the nasty as
    Model #2 is spotted stealing a crate of beer

  10. Bentley Conti meets Porsche Panamera on the show floor. Fans of sleek,
    beautiful car design weep copiously.

  11. Jeremy demonstrates Top Gear’s new dance routine. Ready now? OK, the
    first move is ‘medium-sized’ box…

  12. …followed by ‘tiny cube-shaped box suitable for a wedding ring or
    similarly-sized trinket’.

  13. Move Three: ‘Play the imaginary piano’. And James’s imaginary piano playing
    gives Richard an imaginary headache.

  14. Traditional Top Gear glamour: A-list actor, orange supercar, tatty
    production office, old snow and removal van. Who needs Hollywood, eh?

  15. Michael Fassbender meets The Man In White. And The Man In
    Red And Grey And Denim. We have no idea who this second Man is.

  16. Stig demonstrates the radical ‘tough love’ coaching method. This
    involves entirely ignoring your pupil for up to six hours at a time.

  17. He’s got his gentleman sausage out on the big screen, but we’re guessing
    Mr Fassbender’s never been as intimidated as sharing personal space with the Stig…

  18. Ah. Maybe not…

    See more from Michael Fassbender and The Stig at the usual time this weekend: Sunday, 8pm, BBC Two and BBC HD

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