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Crashed Ferrari Dino sells for £156,000

It’s often said that you won’t be a successful artist unless your work fits in a New York elevator. But a sculptor called Bertrand has proved this rule has an exception. He just sold a smashed Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 for £156,000.

Smashed. As in completely totalled. An un-driveable, smashed, totalled 308 - a car so slow and wet it barely qualified for a Ferrari badge in the first place - for one HUNDRED and fifty six grand. A car there’s hardly a short supply of that, y’know, work and stuff. A car that’ll cost you £25,000 for a tidy example.

The £156,000 Dino in question belonged to Bertrand Lavier, who unceremoniously binned it as part of the so-called “ready-made” movement, which considers everyday objects as art. Whether said binning was intentional or not remains unclear. Either way, Lavier was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the written-off car that he sold it immediately to a Turkish man for $250,000.

If anybody else wants a knackered Dino for £156,000, we’ll happily wrap Hammond’s one round a tree for you.

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