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Forbes lists world’s most expensive cars

Self-proclaimed ‘Capitalist Tool’ Forbes has compiled a list of ten of the world’s most expensive production cars.

Using some old figures, a bit of guessing and a bout of amnesia, this celebrated marker of the modern world - a trumpet for an economic system responsible for giving us pretty cool machinery - has come up with a mostly spurious list.

See images of Forbes most expensive cars in the world

Sure, the Big Bug sits on top, but we can’t help but notice the omission of the £1.2m Aston Martin One-77 and the rather expensive Lexus LFA, weighing in at £336,000.

Also, there’s the small matter of an F70 (WTF?) alongside guessing the prices of the new Pagani, Koenigsegg and Ferrari SA Aperta. On this basis, they have missed the MOST EXPENSIVE CAR IN THE WORLD - a jet-engined supercar capable of penetrating Uranus while offering 67mpg and emitting just 79g/km of CO2 - which costs £10 billion.

Sure, it’s a nice list to peruse in order to sate your incurable desire to look at stuff on the Internet - you know what stuff - but is largely Wrong.

Here is their list. Let us know what else they’ve missed below…

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