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Lamborghini has released a second teaser of its concept supercar that will debut at the Paris motor show. And we are still entirely clueless.

Well, that’s a lie actually. We can confirm that this will be called the Lamborghini DeathFireSpeedWarrior 2000, and those holes eject tiny monkeys armed with laser-guided missiles.

Or it could be an indication of a V10, whatever.

Lambo first tickled our supercar fizz gland with this here teaser of some carbon-fibre-based cleavage. What you see above is part 2. Of 6. Still, we get some words this time to lift the fog of internet mystique.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann reckons the future lies in handling and acceleration. Top speed is dead because all “supersportscars are exceeding 186mph”. As this quest for power and top speed is, essentially, a fallacy, the future will be handling nirvana via automotive slim-fast.

“The magic word for this is ‘carbon fibre’ ”, says Winkelmann. “Every new Lamborghini will make the best use of carbon fibre to reduce weight”.

So there you have it - Lamborghini won’t be the fastest kid on the block, but will certainly be one of the fittest. We’re still waiting to hear back from Lambo on our tooled-up Simian idea. What? Ridiculous you say? Come on, it’s monkeys with rockets!

Seriously though, is Lamborghini going down the right path? Should it be light and nimble, or stupendously powerful and massive? Ninja or warring Elephant?

While you’re pondering on that, chew on Richard Hammond’s meaty Murcielago-shaped SV road-test below, and take a sneak-peek behind the scenes

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