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This is a Nissan GT-R convertible

We’ve seen Newport Convertible Engineering’s work before: first when the Californian firm forcibly drop-topped a Range Rover, and then beheaded a Porsche Cayenne and added some wood.

NCE does other stuff, of course, but its latest project rather piqued our interest. It’s a convertible Nissan GT-R.

The company recently announced that it plans to produce a limited run of convertible GT-Rs for a global audience, and… well, that’s about all the information we have at this stage.

Judging by the company’s previous work, we imagine it’ll be a rag-top affair rather than a folding tin-top, and we also imagine some internal strengthening will have to occur, lest the GT-R’s bombastic 3.8-litre, 545bhp twin-turbo V6 cause ruptures in the space-time continuum. And its own chassis.

Don’t forget, this is a car that features launch control, one that’ll go from 0-62mph in under three seconds and v-max at 196mph. It’s also one that - in Nismo trim - can scorch its way around the Nürburgring in 7m08.679s.

Will removing the lid from the GT-R ruin its clinical perfection? Or will it add some welcome drama to the ‘digital’ supercar? And, more importantly, could you ever see yourself buying one?

While you’re deliberating on such things, remind yourself of the time Clarkson, Hammond and May decided to build a convertible Renault Espace. And then drive through the lion enclosure at Woburn Safari Park. We imagine they might have some engineering tips to share with the chaps over at NCE…

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