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Bentley Continental GTC W12

Price: £161,200
Specs: 567bhp, 516lb ft, 0-62mph 4.7secs, 195mph top speed, 19.0mpg, CO2 347g/km

The most luxuriously waft-o-matic convertible of them all. There is literally no better platform from which to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoor world. Cheaper V8 model is no less lavish. Equally the 203mph vmax of the swankier Speed model also appeals…

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Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Price: £82,169
Specs: 345bhp, 287lb ft, 0-62mph 4.8secs, 180mph top speed, 30.7mpg, CO2 217g/km

Some people think a soft-top Porsche 911 is just plain wrong. Those people should be ignored. This is a proper sports car, and just as wonderful to drive as the coupe. Or the new Targa, for that matter.

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BMW 428i Convertible

Price: £40,720
Specs: 242bhp, 258lb ft, 0-62mph 6.4secs, 155mph top speed, 40.4mpg, CO2 163g/km

Think of it as a 3-series cabrio if you’re confused. And while Audi and Mercedes persist with fabric roofs, the hard top gives the new BMW an edge. It’s lighter inside, more weather-proof and has the best engine range.

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VW Golf GTI Cabriolet

Price: £30,505
Specs: 207bhp, 207lb ft, 0-62mph 7.3secs, 147mph top speed, 37.2mpg, CO2 177g/km

Another car that, like the Porsche 911 Cabriolet, doesn’t sound too promising on paper. And yet it’s another one that works better than it has any right to. Curious fish, all the same.

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Maserati GranCabrio

Price: £98,940
Specs: 444bhp, 361lb ft, 0-62mph 5.2secs, 177mph top speed, 19.5mpg, CO2 337g/km

A most gloriously extravagant slice of Italian hedonism. Technically the Porsche 911 is better, but which would you rather be seen in? That’s a lot of what matters here.

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