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Friday 2nd June

A snip at £2m: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento comes up for sale

It weighs less than an MX-5, keeps pace with a Veyron and you need it in your life. Now

Published: 06 Jul 2015

“Less is more,” we’re often told. Proving the point with swagger is this, one of the tiny handful of Lamborghini Sesto Elementos produced, for sale for a slightly bewildering 3 million Euros. Or just over £2m, at current, rather favourable exchange rates.
That’s for one of the most featherweight supercars you could ever hope to find: at 999kg, the Sesto Elemento (Sixth Element in Italian, as opposed to a magic spell on the Harry Potter cutting room floor) weighs less even than Mazda’s skinny new MX-5.
Unlike the MX-5, though, it has the basic ingredients of a Lamborghini Gallardo underneath. That means a 562bhp V10 engine driving all four of its wheels. Combine AWD traction with a sub-tonne kerbweight, and it’ll match a Veyron to 60mph despite having half the power.
Its supremely skinny figure is, as you might expect, the result of flagrant carbon fibre use. Which also goes some way to explain the stocky price. Highlights include carbon on the wheel rims and flecks of crystal in the carbon/plastic composite bodywork, thus saving valuable grams by doing without paint.
Inside, there’s a quite artistic lack of dashboard, Lamborghini disguising the absence of luxury with typically flamboyant shapes and colours. Highlights are the searing red suede-wrapped steering wheel and the beautifully exposed engineering that sits behind it.
For sale is an unused example – well, it’s done 12 miles – of one of Lambo’s rarest cars: just 20 Sesto Elementos were produced. Mind, if you want to add to its scant mileage, you’ll need access to a circuit, the only place this car is legal to run.
If sold, it will also generate a healthy 50 per cent profit for its first owner, which rather worries us that owner two will subscribe to the same philosophy and squirrel the Sesto away to inflate its value yet further.
So here’s a plea: if you’re in the enviable position of being able to buy this Sesto Elemento, we implore you to do so. Then take it on each and every track day that will tolerate its ten-cylinder howl…

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