Meet the Toyota GT86 'TRD Special Edition'

US-only special gets fancy suspension, brakes and so-on

You might remember that back in May, Toyota gave us the GT86 ‘Performance Pack’. It wasn’t the 50bhp upgrade we’d been hoping for, but it did have more serious Sachs suspension and proper Brembo brakes. It was also quite blue. Now just a couple of months later, it’s time for the next special edition GT86. And good news, Americans, because this one’s for you. Only for you, it seems.

Like the Performance Pack, the TRD Special Edition gets Sachs suspension and Brembo brakes. New 18in alloy wheels are shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber, and there’s a subtle TRD bodykit and less-subtle stainless-steel-tipped TRD exhaust. Unlike the Performance Pack, it isn’t blue, but a special shade of black called ‘Raven’. Spooky. Inside you get a red/black theme, a ‘suede-like’ covering on the dashboard and…red seatbelts.

Toyota is capping production at 1,418 cars, with an asking price of $32,420. In other words, a lot less than us Brits pay for the Performance Pack. Count yourselves lucky…