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It’s sporty season. Overpaid people are kicking inflated balls in Poland and Ukraine, grunty people are smashing furry balls with racquets in South West London and now you can play a new sport of guessing what’s in our underground car park. Yes, this is a sport: it requires great skill, some physical exertion and it’s competitive - therefore it’s a sport.
But don’t worry if you’ve not played before, because unlike cricket this sport is simple.
All you have to do is…

1. Look at the picture above these words. 
2. Guess what car it is
3. Post said guess in the handy box below these words

If you guess exactly what the car is, you will have your screen name permanently tattooed onto this webpage in BOLD lettering. If you’re lucky, we may even italicise it.
We’ll start with a really hard picture, but don’t run away - if no one can guess it we’ll upload a couple of easier pics later.

Update: Congratulations MercSLSW.O.W, it’s a Porsche Panamera GTS.

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