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Last week we had what you internet types call a ‘fail’. We took our camera, went downstairs, entered the 27-digit code, had our retinas lasered, did the secret handshake with Dave the security guard and eventually got into our secret underground car park. We took a sub-standard picture of a car in the car park, uploaded it to the internet and you guessed it first time round in 10 seconds. This will not happen this week. If it does, we’ll eat a Stig soap on a rope whole.
If you’ve not played before, it’s very simple.
1. Look at the picture above these words. 
2. Guess what car it is
3. Post said guess in the handy box below these words
And we’re being picky again. We want the cars make AND model. If you get those two correct we will reward you. What will we reward you with? Not Internet Points, because we’ve checked our editorial budget and we’ve used too many this year. Instead you’ll have your screename emboldened and italicised onto this page.
So what are you waiting for? Get guessing.  

Update: We don’t believe it. ArmyEnzo has got it! It’s a VW Amarok. We’re off to eat some soap.

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