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Join in Top Gear’s Christmas special with what3words

Location tagging helps you follow TG’s adventures in Nepal

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Top Gear’s Christmas special is coming your way, 29 December at 9pm on BBC Two. And, if you want a little preview, you can follow along with our trio’s adventures using mapping technology from ‘what3words’.

Pretty much does what it says on the tin, really. The service divides up the world – like, the entire planet – into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, and each square has a unique three word address.

So, if you go to [///filmstrips.again.swipe], you’ll be presented with a very precise filming location used in Top Gear’s Christmas Special in Nepal. We’ve included a picture of it above to reference how accurate it can be, to help you gaze in wonder at Paddy’s shopping bags and lightly bemused expression.

The tech is branching out into the wider car world, too – entities like Mercedes, Ford, Tata Motors and TomTom have integrated it into their systems, along with the United Nations, the Philippine Red Cross and several emergency services.

So, have a flick through the gallery above for an immersive dive into Top Gear’s Christmas Special, and then tune in at 9pm, 29 December, BBC Two.

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