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Hot Hatch

Pocket rockets: the best small hot hatches on sale

From Fiesta ST to Suzuki Swift, here are the small cars that pack a big punch

  1. Suzuki Swift Sport

    Price: £13,999
    Specs: 136bhp, 118lb ft, 0-62mph in 8.7secs, VMax 121mph, 44.1mpg, 147g/km CO2

    Perhaps the last of the naturally-aspirated hot hatches. Cheap, but rather brilliant. Only 136bhp, but who cares when you've only got a little over a ton of car to hurl about.

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  2. Volkswagen Polo GTI

    Price: £19,235
    Specs: 192bhp, 236lb ft, 0-62mph in 6.7secs, VMax 147mph, 47.1mpg, 140g/km CO2

    Much better than the car it replaced, chiefly for its manual gearbox (the old one was DSG only), and 1.8-litre turbo motor. Less hardcore than a Fiesta ST.

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  3. Renaultsport Clio 220 Trophy

    Price: £22,425
    Specs: 220bhp, 207lb ft, 0-62mph 6.6secs, VMax 146mph, 47.9mpg, CO2 135g/km

    Paddleshift gearbox, turbo, five doors. It’s a Renaultsport folks, but not as we know it. Better in everyday areas, but with the wild streak dialled out. Shame.

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  4. Mini John Cooper Works

    Price: £24,520
    Specs: 231bhp, 236lb ft, 0-62mph 6.1secs, VMax 153mph, 49.6mpg, CO2 133g/km

    Might not quite match the Fiesta’s cheeky charm, but the new Mini still knows how to have a good time. Steady on the options or the price spirals alarmingly.

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  5. Audi S1

    Price: £25,600
    Specs: 228bhp, 273lb ft, 0-62mph 5.8secs, VMax 155mph, 40.4mpg, CO2 162g/km

    All-wheel drive means the littlest, and best, of all the mainstream Audis will, when things get wet, run rings around these others. Pricey, but worth it.

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  6. Peugeot 208 GTI by PS

    Price: £22,900
    Specs: 205bhp, 221lb ft, 0-62mph 6.5secs, VMax 143mph, 52.3mpg, CO2 125g/km

    They claim it’s a replacement for the 205 GTI. It isn’t. But it never could be. Far too safe and well built. But it is a very fine effort and for that we should be thankful.

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  7. Ford Fiesta ST

    Price: £17,895
    Specs: 180bhp, 177lb ft, 0-62mph 6.9secs, VMax 139mph, 47.9mpg, CO2 138g/km

    Effervescent little hot hatch that’s as good as we dared hoped and better than rivals. Sharp nose, accurate steering, energetic turbo and a tail that gets involved.

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