GMC has built a monstrous 910lb ft Sierra 4x4 on tracks

What dya get when you cross a snowmobile with a battle tank? ‘Murica knows

We’re rather partial to the notion of a car – a wheeled vehicle designed for road usage – being fitted with tank tracks for use on snow. It’s a recipe that’s been used to strong effect by Nissan with the Juke Snow concept that we drove on a not-very-frozen lake, and by the master of mechanical mayhem himself Ken Block in one of his earlier video stunts. Relive the off-piste lunacy here.

And now, digest the fact that GMC has utterly demolished these piffling offerings with the magnificent Sierra All Mountain Concept. The result of a union between a luxury SUV, a snowmobile, a tank and a quantity of terrible American light beer, we presume. 

The Sierra All Mountain is effectively a Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab truck balanced on four separate miniature tracks. It’s been fitted with extra lights, bigger speakers and snowboard racks. It is powered by an engine that appears to have been designed for a cross-Channel ferry. 

Under the bonnet is a 6.6-litre, twin-turbo V8 diesel engine. It develops a staggering 445bhp and – get this – 910lb ft of torque. Not Newtonmetres. Good ol’ pounds-feet of twist. This thing’s torque output is closer to a Bugatti Chiron’s output (1,180lb ft) than it is to say, a Porsche 911 Turbo S’s 553lb ft. Holy moly. 

The car (does that word still apply?) will be on display through ski season at Vail in Colorado, though GMC has admitted that whatever interest it drums up, this is purely a concept. Just for laughs. Wonder what they’ll do with it when it’s finished? Give us a call, chaps, we’ve got plenty of fun ideas in case there’s a hard frost in Britain this winter…