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Jaguar eats Merc’s 'magic' chicken

A short while ago, Mercedes-Benz released a little advert showcasing the benefits of its ‘Magic Body Control’ available on the S-Class. Using a chicken.

‘Magic Body Control’ scans the road ahead, and is able to cleverly lift individual S-Class wheels to avoid potholes and ensure occupants remain, ahem, unruffled. Rather than show this in a boring technological manner, the Germans instead jiggled a chicken around, noting how its head remained static as its body moved around. Very clever. And amusing.

Now Jaguar USA has decided to show it also has a sense of humour, though this one’s a little more direct and uses a really bloody scary jaguar (the actual big cat, that is). The message is simple: “we prefer cat like reflexes”, Jaguar says.

Fighting talk indeed, but don’t forget Jaguar has the firepower to back up its bombast: the F-Type Coupe is on its way, with EVEN MORE POWER than its already very powerful cabrio cousin. 

Your move, Mercedes.

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