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Watch the ultimate 'pulling machines' 

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Have you spotted the weird, winged, chubby little man-babies firing love arrows at people today? Neither have we. But apparently it’s ‘International Buy Your Loved One Garage Forecourt Flowers Day’, otherwise known as ‘Valentines Day’. 
We don’t really do Valentines Day here at Top Gear. But we have found a very tenuous automotive link to it. 
What you’ll see in the video below, is a pair of men who take the act of ‘pullling’ and turn it into an art form. 
It’s from an event called a Truck Rodeo - which is quite a big thing in Canada. What happens is that the biggest and best truckers of Canada land all compete to see who is the biggest and best trucker of them all. The mother trucker, if you will.  
There are lots of different events, but the most enthralling is the ‘Loaded Truck Pull’. Trucks with over 2,000 horsepower cock their front wheels to try and pull a triple trailer with 85 tons of goods/beer on it up a steep hill as fast as they can. It’s incredible. 
As you can see, afterwards there’s not love in the air, but thick dark clouds of pollution instead. 
Keep on trucking Canada!

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