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Volkswagen Golf news - What’s cleaner than clean? - 2009

How long before Volkswagen makes the Golf BlueMotion so clean that it actually starts sucking CO2 out the atmosphere and turning it into lovely tasty oxygen?

Back in July, VW announced that its new BlueMotion Golf would emit just 107g/km of CO2, putting it firmly into the £35 road tax bracket.

But now VW has made the Golf even cleaner. The new iteration of the BlueMotion puts out a near-unbelievable 99g/km of CO2 and returns 74.3mpg, meaning a free road tax disc and approximately a quarter of a million miles between refuelling stops.

99g/km is an astonishing figure: just a year or two ago, we were impressed when the Polo BlueMotion broke the magical 100g/km barrier. But the Polo is a dinky city car, while the Golf is a proper family hatch. Impressive stuff.

There’s no magic behind the Golf’s stellar figures, just a refinement of VW’s tried-and-tested BlueMotion tricks: low rolling resistance tyres, longer gearing, improved aero and start-stop technology.

If you fancy giving a cheeky two-fingered salute to the road taxman, the cleaner-than-industrial-strength-bleach Golf BlueMotion is available to order now.

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