The Skoda Sunroq is a Karoq roadster by youths

Saw-wielding students vandalise a 4x4 in outrageous attempt to score good grades

This is, believe it or not, a Skoda Karoq convertible. Correction: it is the Skoda Karoq convertible, in fact – the one and only. Christened the Sunroq – via a poll on Facebook – it’s the result of this year’s Skoda Azubi Car project.

Or, as you might know it, the yearly project by design students at Skoda’s Mladá Boleslav HQ to take angle grinders and paintbrushes to one of Skoda’s worthy existing models and turn it into a showpiece. Job done, so far as this year goes…

The Sunroq, based on a regular 1.5-litre turbo powered Karoq, had its A-pillar altered, the rear doors removed and a whole new, rather lardy-looking rump grafted onto the boot to create a sort of crossover-speedster buggy-cum-sports car. With white/red leather bucket seats, backlit alloys, and an illuminated Skoda badge on the bonnet. Coming soon to a Skoda options list near you. We doubt it…

The team of 23 students said: “Our main ambition has been to build a sports car that will mesmerise the younger generation at first sight. And we think we achieved that very well.”

Yep, job done. Best of luck with your future careers, one and all. Now, who’s ready to trade in their Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet?