You’ve got two weeks left to order your Mercedes G500 4×4²

Mercedes is calling time on the big bad G at the end of October

Mercedes has sad news. Production of its maddest current car, the G500 4×4², will only continue until orders made by the end of October 2017 have been catered for. If you absolutely must own a 35-year old army truck fitted with portal axles and giant wheels to deliver 450mm of ground clearance and a one-metre wading depth, hop to it.  

Click here to watch Chris Harris get to grips with the G500

Mercedes has been fairly blindsided by the response to the Squared, which was originally intended as a fun concept car for the 2015 Geneva motor show, knocked together with leftover bits from the 100 examples of G63 6x6 that made AMG a few Euros the year earlier. 

Such was the volume of ‘hold this briefcase of cash and build me the damn thing now’ feedback, Mercedes made the Squared a Frankenstein-ish halo car, plumbing in a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 with 416bhp and 450lb ft, the aforementioned crazy axles, and a widebody kit likely stolen from a beach landing craft. The price? A cool €231,693, before any bespoke options you might like to fit. We presume these are more of the ‘bulletproof glass’ than ‘cupholders’ variety.

So long, Squared. We’ll remember fondly that time we took you for a mudbath with the equally crackers Hennessey Raptor. Which is immortalised on the other end of these blue words.