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GOOD NEWS! The UK economy has just avoided a triple-dip recession! Go us. So what does Top Gear think the nation should do to celebrate? Buy cars. Nice, shiny cars. Automobiles like the one that’s just rolled down the ramp into our very own Bat Cave. But eagle-eyed viewers, what is it?

If you’ve not played before, the rules are pretty straightforward:

1. Study this wantonly ambiguous image of a car
2. Guess what it is
3. Type down your answer in our handy new commenting system below

If you guess exactly what this car is (make, model and variant, please) we’ll digitally emblazon your screen namein BOLD and italics on this page of pixels. We’ll begin with the shot above, but if nobody manages to get it we’ll post up a slightly easier one later.

What are you waiting for? Start guessing now…

Congratulations Aadambir Singh, it’s an Audi A1 quattro!

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