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The world’s fastest police cars

  1. Schnell schnell, it’s Ze Rozzers! And this time they’re in an Audi ABT R8 GTR! Showcased at the Essen Motor Show, this R8 has been beefed up and fitted with some blues and twos. Presumably it would do a better job accosting crims than our boys managed in the show…

    Decked out in a new carbon fiber body kit and German Polizei decals, this R8 also has a new suspension set-up, ceramic brakes, Recaro seats, a roll bar and 19-inch wheels.
    That 5.2-litre V10 engine that kicks out 620hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, unless criminals in pursuit can dash from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and onto a top speed of 202 mph, they aren’t going anywhere.

    There is a small problem. This isn’t actually a real police car - it’s more of a creative exercise, and probably won’t actually happen. But to ease your disappointment, here are our favourite genuine, and genuinely awesome police cars from around the world…

  2. FROM: Austria

    Put your lederhosen on, son - you’re nicked.

  3. FROM: UK

    Attention UK-based getaway drivers: we hope you like the taste of prison food.

  4. FROM: China

    Homespun Hummer copycat doesn’t make for a tasty jam sandwich.

  5. FROM: China

    We can only assume this is a pedestrian pursuit vehicle.

  6. FROM: China

    Suddenly, pulling wangan duty doesn’t seem that bad…

  7. From: Australia

    “Wanna head start, crimo?”

  8. FROM: Italy

    As Dudley Moore never said, the best speeding deterrent is a rear view mirror with a cop Gallardo in it.

  9. FROM: Holland

    Does Holland have any laws left? Who cares - the cop Shpyker’s shuper shexy, no?

  10. FROM: America

    This isn’t real, but it was drawn back in 2008 by former GM Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz. House, cloud and tree expected soon.

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