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Ford Fiesta

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ford Fiesta



Running costs and reliability

Ford Fiesta ST Line rear quarter

Even the base model at launch gets air-con and a lane-keeping aid. But only the unblown 1.1 engine. You’ll want a Zetec with the 100bhp turbo.

You can buy the B&O stereo and satnav as options, but Ford has also created special ‘editions’ that have those included. The reason is that they’re classed as separate models by the used-car valuing agencies, so you can hope you’ll get something of the extra cost back at resale time. That’s the sort of tweakery Ford does to try and make sure its cars, apparently expensive on their sticker prices, aren’t too dear to run.

Which makes it all the more surprising that across the range the active braking and forward alert system – loved by insurers – is an option. Ought to be standard.

The three Ecoboost power levels (100, 125 and 140bhp) all give mid 60s mpg on the official test, equating to CO2 readings either side of 100g/km. But of course you’ll actually drive the higher-power one harder and use more fuel won’t you.

The Vignale version is slightly more than just a trim level. You get the car collected and delivered for its servicing - from a larger ‘Ford Store’ - and you get a concierge service.

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