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Kia Carens

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Kia Carens



Running costs and reliability

The 114bhp diesel returns a claimed 60.1mpg, while emitting 124g/km of CO2. That’s class-competitive fuel economy and the 134bhp version isn’t far behind it on 56.4mpg (blame the penalty on its bigger wheels). At the other end of the range, the entry-level 1.6-litre petrol starts at just over £18k, so it’s not horrendously expensive. In fact, that starter Carens is just under £5k less than an entry-level S-Max. Think what you could do with five grand. That’s a lot of cash.

It’s particularly impressive when you consider that a long-held Kia strength of strong equipment levels remains intact here. The firm clearly listens to TopGear, too: last time round we grumbled about the lack of sat nav. What’s now been launched? A 3 Sat Nav variant. The invoice is in the post, guys…

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