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Nissan Qashqai

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Nissan Qashqai


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

If we’re honest, the Qashqai’s interior design hasn’t quite kept pace with the exterior and engines; alongside a CX-5, Ateca or – especially – a 3008, it feels a bit old tech. It’s laid out nicely enough, but this genre moves quickly, and the Qashqai’s simply not quite on the button anymore.

Back at the 2017 update we complained the infotainment system, though feature-rich, wasn’t as pretty or fluid to use as competitors’ systems. The new ‘Nissan Connect’ system is… not a huge amount different. There’s more adjustability in its design, so you can play about with it like your phone’s homescreen, but the biggest leap for its 2018 upgrade is the ability to bypass Nissan’s layout entirely and use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Do that and you’ll have a much clearer, more intuitive way of playing music or using sat nav.

As for the amount of space on offer, it’s no different to the outgoing car. That means 430 litres of boot space seats up, 1,598 litres seats down, and a clever set of shelves and dividers in the boot that can be configured through 18 different permutations, depending on the kind of cargo you’re carrying. Rear-seat knee and headroom is adequate for adults. It feels especially spacious if you go for the panoramic roof, which doesn’t open, but there’s an electric blind that’ll keep the kids amused for hours.

All told, it’s big, comfy and easy to see out of – ticking off most buyers’ priorities – but short on drama and cutting-edge tech compared to some of its myriad rivals.

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