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Ford Fiesta

Best in class
Overall verdict


It was already top of the class and now it’s an even better all-rounder


Some rivals do beat it in individual areas
Cracking supermini is one of the best cars Ford makes. Britain’s top seller? It makes you proud.

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1.0 EcoBoost Zetec 5dr


What we say: 

The best is better: prettier, more able and much more fuel-efficient. Best in class, one of the best full stop

What is it?

The Fiesta is the nation’s best selling car month after month. UK buyers choose well: it’s one of the very best superminis you can buy. Competition has hotted up in recent years, but the fine-driving Fiesta remains the sector leader. 

Ford upgraded it a few years ago with the corporate Aston Martin-style grille, adding further polish to an already stylish supermini. There were minor colour and trim tweaks elsewhere, but nothing radical on the surface. It didn’t need it. The addition of Ford’s superb 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine range was a welcome change under the bonnet, though. UK buyers have responded accordingly: the majority of Fiestas sold now sport the sweet little three-cylinder motor. Full kudos to UK car buyers, it seems we know a good car when we see it…


The Fiesta’s greatest asset is its preternatural ability on the move and Ford has simply enhanced this further in the latest car. It’s even crisper on turn-in, the responsiveness of the chassis has been enhanced yet further and the steering has even more feedback. It could handle a lot more power: the ST delivers it. 

For now, it’s the blissful combination with those sweet, torquey Ecoboost engines that impress us the most. Yes, you can have a diesel if you must, or save money with the aged old 1.25, but beg, borrow or steal your way into an Ecoboost because this is where the sweet spot of the range is. Ford’s even retuned the springs and dampers to account for its much lighter weight, so it doesn’t only handle better but rides more smoothly too. Remarkable.

On the inside

The Fiesta is reasonably spacious front and back (but note, there are rivals with more space) and exudes an air of maturity and quality that you’d expect from the next class up. Importantly, Ford has also righted a wrong here, and made sat nav available on most models in the range. It was lacking before and was a barrier to those who were downsizing from bigger cars. Pity the interface isn’t easier and more logical to use, but it’s a start. 

Fresh, brighter trims make it seem more upmarket and Ford has also worked on refinement, meaning there’s less road noise permeating the cabin at speed. The Ecoboost even sounds good - when you can hear it, that is. At motorway speeds, it’s impressively hushed for a supermini. 


The Fiesta is still not the cheapest supermini, but it is now better value for money (six airbags and ESP are now standard on all but base Studio). The Ecoboost engines are real fuel-sippers (the 1.0T 100 is an amazing 17mpg more fuelefficient than the old 1.4 96) and most of the range is now sub-100g/ km CO2. Reliability has proven to be first-rate.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.6 EcoBoost ST-200 3dr
6.7s 140g/km 46.3 200 £22,710
The cheapest
1.25 Style 3dr
16.9s 122g/km 54.3 60 £12,190
The greenest
1.5 TDCi Style ECOnetic 3dr
11.9s 82g/km 88.3 95 £15,390


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