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Get your car MOT-ready with eBay

Don’t fail your MOT over easily fixed faults – here are the most common causes for failure and how eBay can help you avoid them

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  • A mechanic inspecting a car

    A whopping 7.3 million cars on the road – that’s more than a quarter – fail their MOT each year, so even if you take the greatest care in the world of yours, it’s no wonder you still have that nagging fear your car could be one of them.

    eBay knows how stressful MOTs can be, but also how easily a fail can be avoided with a few quick updates, which is why its huge range of over 50 million car and motorcycle parts and accessories is brimming with solutions to the most common issues.

    Better still, you can get 15% off MOT parts from selected sellers until 15 April. So, what are you waiting for? Take that bull by the horns and get prepped for your MOT. 

    Get MOT-ready with 15% off now

    Here are some of the top MOT fails to look out for and how you can fix them with eBay…

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  • Rear car light

    Believe it or not, the biggest cause for MOT failure is lighting and signalling, with one in five cars failing due to a light issue. Even something as simple as a blown bulb will do it, so get a friend to help you check all your lights are working before the test – front, rear, indicators (including your hazards), brake lights, the number plate light and fog lights front and back. The good news is, if you do have a dud, eBay has a huge choice of replacement bulbs. 

    When you arrive on eBay, simply enter your reg number and you’ll discover a wide range of bulbs for your car. And replacing the bulb itself is just as easy. Headlights, in particular, can usually be found under the bonnet, then you can quickly unclip the wires and change the faulty bulb.

    Shop lightbulbs

  • Car battery

    Of course, a car battery will naturally wear down over time and die at some point, and as it ages, you may discover various associated signs of damage, such as loose connectors and leaky electrolytes, which will also cause you to fail your MOT. 

    You’ll find an impressive selection of new batteries on eBay. As with other parts, you can easily refine your search for models that are compatible with your vehicle. Just enter your registration and find the right part, or you’ll get your money back with eBay Assured Fit. When fitting a new battery, you’ll essentially need to disconnect the old one, remove it, place the new battery in the space, then connect it, but do take great care when doing so, as your battery may be in a tricky position. Watch how to do it here.

    Shop best-selling batteries

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  • Windscreen wipers

    Windscreen wipers are responsible for many MOT fails – in fact, they accounted for 778,244 failures last year. Wiper blades can easily become damaged by grit and dirt, so they need replacing at regular intervals anyway, but you can quickly check they’re working by operating the washers and wipers together. If the water isn’t cleared from your windscreen effectively and areas are left untouched or there are smears across the driver’s view, they need replacing. It’s worth topping the washer fluid up while you’re at it, too, as not having any can also cause a fail. 

    On eBay you can find windscreen wipers for your make and model of car – and you can shop from more than 25 original equipment manufacturers with a 12-month guarantee. What’s more, replacing them is a super easy job. All you need to do is unclip them, slide the old ones out, slide the new ones in and clip them into place. Watch how simple it is here.

    Shop windscreen wipers

  • Brake fluid

    There’s no need to explain how important your brakes are, and there are a few ways they can trip you up in a MOT, including worn pads or damaged discs. But another issue – with a really easy fix – is low brake fluid. If it’s below the minimum mark, your vehicle will fail, so you should be testing your levels as a matter of course and topping them up every couple of years or so. 

    With a quick search on eBay, you’ll discover brake fluid at great prices from a wide variety of quality sellers and trusted names such as Castrol, Motul and Comma, along with a selection of brake fluid testers, to help you get into good habits. 

    Shop brake fluid

  • Someone checking tyre pressure

    Yes, tyres were always going to make it on this list. If your tread is low, they’re not inflated properly or a pesky nail has managed to lodge itself into one, you could have a disaster on your hands, so ideally, you’ll be checking your tyres regularly – not just at MOT time. Legally, the tread needs to be at least 1.6mm in depth, and the tester will be checking for punctures, cuts, bulges, tears, cracks and bulges. So, if you have any of the above, you need to get a new tyre lickety-split!

    Head to eBay and search for ‘tyres’, then narrow down your choice by clicking on the ‘Enter tyre size’ button and fill in all your details. You’ll have your pick of Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook and more. eBay even has a handy Tyre Fitting service you can take advantage of!

    Shop tyres

  • Cracked wing mirror

    We’ve all been there. You park up in what seems like a safe spot and head off to run a few errands, only to come back an hour or two later to discover that someone has clipped your wing mirror. It gets worse. Whether they damaged it, loosened it, or knocked it clean off, you now have a cause for MOT failure on your hands. 

    Thankfully, with all the original equipment manufacturer parts available on eBay, you’re sure to find the right wing mirror for your car at the right price, often for less than £10, which is very welcome news. Especially when the average cost of replacing it at a garage comes in at around £270 for parts and labour.

    Shop wing mirrors


    Get MOT-ready with eBay now and enjoy 15% off selected sellers only until 15 April 2024

    Shop vehicle parts and accessories

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