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See LEGO® Technic’s astonishing model through the eyes of its designer

Get behind the bricks of the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 model. Then build it yourself…

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If you’re familiar with some of the LEGO® Technic™ range of supercars, you’ll know that automotive design has become quite a passion for the Danish toy supremo. The latest in the production line – the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 – is quite simply a collaboration for the ages. Sián means ‘lightning’ in Lamborghini’s native Bolognese, and when it comes to the all-powerful V12 hybrid road car, capable of an eye-watering 220mph, it’s easy to see how it earnt that moniker.

The super sports car was made to be unique, yet unmistakably Lamborghini – all dynamic lines, audacious angles and sleek curves. And the LEGO Technic team has worked passionately with the Italians to recreate every last detail of this iconic machine. The result is a unique 1:8 scale model carrying all of the Lamborghini hallmarks.

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First there are the ground-breaking push button-operated scissor doors, a first for LEGO Technic. It’s not just how well the shape of them has been recreated. It’s the way they move so unerringly like the real thing. Then there are the eye-catching golden rims, which complement the lime green bodywork so perfectly. After painstaking experimentation, drum-lacquering was used to coat the elements to match the elegant glossy finish of the actual rims.

Perfection in every piece

All super sport cars worth their salt need a good spoiler. All that power and no downforce would otherwise make for a big green 220mph aeroplane, so thankfully the rear spoiler is as flashy as it gets. Reproducing it in model scale is yet another tick on LEGO Technic’s checklist, as with the sleek Terzo Millennio-inspired Y-shaped headlights at the front.

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But you needn’t think that the devilish detail stops under the bodywork. The elements that help the real Lamborghini Sián sing on the road are also present here. The Technic design team has pushed its building system to the limits in order to recreate the active pushrod suspension and V12 engine with moving pistons. The wheels also feature authentic brake discs and callipers replicate the car’s rear differential exactly. The pièce de résistance? The intricate eight-speed working sequential gear box, visible on the underside of the model.

The man behind the bricks

LEGO Technic’s senior designer Aurelien Rouffiange knows all 3,696 pieces of this remarkable model like the back of his hand and has spoken in-depth about the challenges and triumphs of the process that produced the model.

Q: Can you talk us through what the collaboration with Lamborghini actually involved?

A: The design process took around one to one and a half years, before the real Sián was even finished. We started off doing different sketches and showing them to the team at Lamborghini. They visited us and we visited them to also see the real Lamborghini Sián in Sant’Agata, Italy. We worked closely with the Lamborghini design team to develop the shape of the LEGO replica to ensure the 1:8 version was as true to the real model as possible.

Q: Was this your most difficult ever LEGO design challenge?

A: The car is so complex and has both organic shapes and sharp edges, so that was a challenge when trying to capture the true Lamborghini DNA. Moreover, including as many authentic functions as possible was challenging. Combining all that really pushes your limits and the LEGO system to the max, but that is what is most exciting. Seeing the model complete in the best form is rewarding.

Q: Do you see the model going down in history as a classic?

A: The Lamborghini Sián is a truly very special and exceptional car. However, since the LEGO Technic replica is one of the most sophisticated models that we have done, I’m sure it will go down in history as an iconic model.

Q: As supercars and hybrids become more advanced and complex, how excited does that make you for the future of LEGO Technic?

A: With LEGO Technic you can build really cool details, engines, gear boxes and everything that a real car has. The advances and changes in cars just make my job exciting, and future models that much more interesting – we never know what the next thing will be and that is super thrilling.

What else?

This stunning model measures over 5” high, 23” long and 9” wide, plus it features a decorative display plate and unique serial number to unlock exclusive online content. Presented in a special box, it comes complete with two coffee table building instruction books, images and behind-the-scenes interviews. Throw in charming extras like the specially designed Sián overnight bag stored under the hood, and you realise that this is a model replete with charm and detail, making that building challenge all the more rewarding.

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