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We’ve not seen any new 61-numberplated cars yet. Hardly surprising considering they were only released today in the UK, but slightly disappointing for the registration plate addicts in the office. So send us your shots of brand new cars and we’ll throw them into a gallery later in the week to calm said addicts down.

While you’re doing that, here’s a brief guide to the thrilling world of Britain’s new number plate system, which still has many baffled.

The first two letters represent the ‘local memory tag’ - this relates to the location that the vehicle was first registered in. YV to YY for Beverly, for example.

The third and fourth digits tell are age identifiers. These are changed every six months in March and September. But, unsurprisingly, it’s not terribly simple.

Cars registered in March are simple because they relate directly to the year, for example 11 in March 2011, 12 in March 2012, 13 in March 2013 etc etc.

In September, the numbers are the year plus 50. So, 61 in September 2011, 62 in September 2012, 63 in September 2013 etc etc.

The last three letters are randomly allocated to dealerships when the car is registered.

So, there you have it - send your pics to and we’ll throw up some of your spots tomorrow.

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