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Audi TT news - Perm-destroyer: the 1000bhp TT - 2007

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Anyone who thought the previous generation Audi TT was a bit, well, effeminate will need to swallow their male pride as one has just hit 245mph.

OK, so this particular TT has benefited from a couple of teeny-tiny revision by Audi tune-meisters MTM, including a second engine where the rear seats normally fit, six-point race harnesses and a whacking great air intake on the roof.

You might remember Jeremy test-driving it yonks ago on TGTV, but MTM have been working on the engines since then and getting closer to their eventual aim - a speed of 250mph.

The pair of tuned 1.8-litre turbo engines each gives 370bhp, helping the bimoto TT see off 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds. However, the MTM engineers reckon each of the engines could be uprated to 501bhp - giving a combined power output of, yes, 1002bhp.

Scary, especially given MTM’s admission that the TT has a slight tendency to oversteer. Eep.

But forget handling: top speed is the TT’s real goal and the team behind the car, which includes driver Florian Gruber who normally races in the Porsche Carrera Cup series, is still aiming for 400kph, or 250mph.

The twin-engined TT will try to set the 250mph marker at the Nardo track in Italy, which has a massive banked circuit ideal for this sort of high speed highjinks.

If the Bimoto TT takes your fancy, MTM says it’s planning to build a limited run of 10 cars. No prices as yet, but given the TT’s 600,000 Euro development costs we fear it won’t be cheap.

At least you’ll never be accused of driving a hairdresser’s car.

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