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Behold Rolls-Royce’s first Cars and Cognac meeting

Cars and Cognac is the swanky Cars and Coffee you'll never be invited to

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You’ve heard of Cars and Coffee by now – probably more for the supremely punctual accident involving a Mustang leaving one than for the actual specifics of the event itself. 

But have you heard of Cars and Cognac? No? Well, of course you haven’t, you member of the great unwashed. We bet you don’t even own any hotels, let alone hotel chains. 

For the benefit of the hoi polloi, it’s the same basic idea as Cars and Coffee – fans of automobiles and delicious beverages gather to discuss their predilections for both, generally in the presence of a few standout examples of the mechanical breed. It’s just with Cars and Cognac, it’s more Courvoisier XO and less Costa. 

So why should you care, barring another opportunity to roll your eyes at the growing class of plutocrats who thought The Great Gatsby was something to aspire to?

Well, this meeting, which took place out in the Cotswolds, introduced a new ‘Aero Cowling’ for the Rolls-Royce Dawn and a picnic hamper for the Phantom. We presume the latter was filled with a variety of big cheeses and foie gras from the Golden Goose.

So, you can bet your bottom dollar (and however umpteen millions you have on top of that) that the inaugural Cars, Cognac, Cotswolds, Cowling and Conspicuous Consumption was a rousing success.

And, should your fortunes take an exceptional hike, rendering you as the newest arriviste with disposable income to rival the GDP of Madagascar, perhaps you’ll swing an invite to ‘Cars and Cognac II – Which Philistine Brought Armagnac?’

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